9. Roadmap

As AequilibraE is a project with an incredibly small team and no source of funding, it is not feasible to determine a precise schedule for the development of new features or even a proper roadmap of specific developments.

However, there are a number of enhancements to the software that we have already identified and that we intend to dedicate some time to in the future.

  • Network data model

    • Introduce centroid connector data type to replace inference that all links connected to centroids are connectors

  • Traffic assignment

    • Re-development of the path-finding algorithm to allow for turn penalties/bans

    • Implementation of network simplification to improve performance of path-finding

    • New origin-based traffic assignment to achieve ultra-converged assignment

  • Public Transport

    • Import of GTFS map-matching it into a project network

    • Re-development of Public Transport data model for GTFS/AequilibraE

    • Export of GTFS (enables editing of GTFS in QGIS

    • Transit path computation (Likely to be the CSA or similar)

  • Project

    • Inclusion of new table for scalar values

    • Inclusion of new table for vectors based on centroid IDs (plus metadata table)

    • Inclusion of new table for vectors based on node IDs (plus metadata table)

    • Inclusion of new table for vectors based on link IDs (plus metadata table)

  • QGIS

    • Inclusion of TSP and more general vehicle routing problems (resource constraints, pick-up and delivery, etc.)

If there is any other feature you would like to suggest, please record a new issue on GitHub, or drop us a line.

If your organization is making use of AequilibraE, please consider funding some of the new developments or maintenance of the project.