3.4.8. Results

The results table exists to hold the metadata for the results stored in the results_database.sqlite in the same folder as the model database.

Although those results could as be stored in the model database, it is possible that the number of tables in the model file would grow too quickly and would essentially clutter the project_database.sqlite.

This is just a matter of software design and can change in future versions of the software, however.

There are four fields in this table, which should enough to precisely identify the results, should the user take their time to input the description of the data.

  • table_name

The actual name of the result table in the results_database.sqlite

  • procedure

The name of the procedure that generated this result (e.g. Traffic Assignment)

  • procedure_id

Unique Alpha-numeric identifier for this procedure. This ID will be visible in the log file and everywhere else there are references to this specific result (e.g. in the matrix table that refers the matrices/skims generated by the same procedure that generated this table)

  • description

User-provided description for this result. If no information is provided, some of AequilibraE’s procedures will generate basic information for this field.