7.2. Editing network geometry: Nodes

On this example we show how to mode a node in the network and look into what happens to the links.

## Imports
from uuid import uuid4
from tempfile import gettempdir
from os.path import join
from aequilibrae.utils.create_example import create_example
from shapely.geometry import Point
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# We create the example project inside our temp folder
fldr = join(gettempdir(), uuid4().hex)

project = create_example(fldr)

Let’s move node one from the upper left corner of the image above, a bit to the left and to the bottom

# We also add the node we want to move
all_nodes = project.network.nodes
links = project.network.links
node = all_nodes.get(1)
new_geo = Point(node.geometry.x + 0.02, node.geometry.y - 0.02)
node.geometry = new_geo

# We can save changes for all nodes we have edited so far

If you want to show the path in Python We do NOT recommend this, though…. It is very slow for real networks We plot the entire network

curr = project.conn.cursor()
curr.execute('Select link_id from links;')

for lid in curr.fetchall():
    geo = links.get(lid[0]).geometry
    plt.plot(*geo.xy, color='blue')

plt.plot(*node.geometry.xy, 'ro', color='black')


# Did you notice the links are matching the node?
# Look at the original network and see how it used to look like
plot moving nodes

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