7.5. Project from Open-Street MapsΒΆ

On this example we show how to create an empty project and populate with a network from Open-Street maps

But this time we will use Folium to visualize the network

# Imports

from uuid import uuid4
from tempfile import gettempdir
from os.path import join
from aequilibrae import Project
import folium

We create an empty project on an arbitrary folder

fldr = join(gettempdir(), uuid4().hex)
project = Project()


/home/runner/work/aequilibrae/aequilibrae/aequilibrae/parameters.py:53: UserWarning: No pre-existing parameter file exists for this project. Will use default
  warn('No pre-existing parameter file exists for this project. Will use default')

Now we can download the network from any place in the world (as long as you have memory for all the download and data wrangling that will be done)

# We can create from a bounding box
# or from a named place. For the sake of this example, we will choose the small nation of Nauru

We grab all the links data as a Pandas dataframe so we can process it easier

links = project.network.links.data

# We create a Folium layer
network_links = folium.FeatureGroup("links")

# We do some Python magic to transform this dataset into the format required by Folium
# We are only getting link_id and link_type into the map, but we could get other pieces of info as well
for i, row in links.iterrows():
    points = row.geometry.to_wkt().replace('LINESTRING ', '').replace('(', '').replace(')', '').split(', ')
    points = '[[' + '],['.join([p.replace(' ', ', ') for p in points]) + ']]'
    # we need to take from x/y to lat/long
    points = [[x[1], x[0]] for x in eval(points)]

    line = folium.vector_layers.PolyLine(points, popup=f'<b>link_id: {row.link_id}</b>', tooltip=f'{row.link_type}',
                                         color='blue', weight=10).add_to(network_links)

We get the center of the region we are working with some SQL magic

curr = project.conn.cursor()
curr.execute('select avg(xmin), avg(ymin) from idx_links_geometry')
long, lat = curr.fetchone()
map_osm = folium.Map(location=[lat, long], zoom_start=14)
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