1 AequilibraE

AequilibraE is the first comprehensive Python package for transportation modeling, and it aims to provide all the resources not easily available from other open-source packages in the Python (NumPy, really) ecosystem.

If you are looking for the documentation for AequilibraE for QGIS, you can see it on its own webpage aequilibrae for QGIS 3

2 Older versions

AequilibraE has been evolving quite fast, so we recommend you upgrading to a newer version as soon as you can. In the meantime, you can find the documentation for older versions below.

3 Supporting AequilibraE

AequilibraE is developed by a small but dedicated team of professionals without any funding or profiting from this work, so if your organization is making use of AequilibraE, please consider funding some of the sew developments or maintenance of the project.