3. Parameter File

System Assignment Distribution Network

3.1. Network

There are three groups of parameters under the network section: links, nodes & OSM. The first are basically responsible for the design of the network to be created in case a new project/network is to bre created from scratch, and for now each one of these groups contains only a single group of parameters called fields.

3.1.2. Node fields

The specification for node fields is similar to the one for link fields, with the key difference that it does not make sense to have fields for one or two directions and that it is not possible yet to import any tagged values from OSM at the moment, and therefore the parameter osm_source would have no effect here.

3.2. Open Street Maps

The OSM group of parameters has as its only there are further groups: modes and all_link_types.

List of key tags we will import for each mode. Description of tags can be found on Open-Street Maps, and we recommend not changing the standard parameters unless you are exactly sure of what you are doing.

For each mode to be imported there is also a mode filter to control for non-default behaviour. For example, in some cities pedestrians a generally allowed on cycleways, but they might be forbidden in specific links, which would be tagged as pedestrian:no. This feature is stored under the key mode_filter under each mode to be imported.

There is also the possibility that not all keywords for link types for the region being imported, and therefore unknown link type tags are treated as a special case for each mode, and that is controlled by the key unknown_tags in the parameters file.